Sun Pure Beta 1 3 Glucans 60 Tablets




The Sun Pure Beta 1, 3 Glucans Dietary Supplement is a bioavailable beta glucan supplement that may promote healthier cholesterol and a healthier immune system. This beta glucan 200mg supplement comes with 60 tablets at a time. This ensures a complete supply to suit your needs.

Beta 1, 3 Glucans

The Sun Pure Beta 1, 3 Glucans Dietary Supplement has been known to help provide your immune system with the support it needs thanks to the beta glucans found in the product. Bioavailable, these tablets absorb into the system quickly to begin providing benefits straight away. The supplements may also help lower the bad cholesterol in the body.

Supports the Immune System

The Sun Pure Beta 1, 3 Glucans Dietary Supplement is full of betas 1 and 3 that may help your immune system by giving it a boost. This allows you to help reduce infection rates after surgery or general infections and viruses that are commonly spread. You can also help promote a healthier inflammatory response to illness and pain.

Provides Cholesterol Benefits

It has been shown that beta glucans may be able to help reduce the total cholesterol, putting an emphasis on the reduction of LDL or bad cholesterol in those who have higher cholesterol levels. This means that beta-glucan may help you live a heart-healthy life and provide relief from symptoms that come from having high cholesterol.

Maximum Bioavailability

With the Sun Pure Beta 1, 3 Glucans Dietary Supplement, you are getting the most bioavailable form of the beta 1 and 3 glucans that your body needs. This means that your body can more readily accept the nutrients in these supplements in order to provide you with the benefits of taking them as soon as possible.