Sun Pure Calcium Magnesium Zinc & Vitamin D3 150 Tablets




Magnesium & calcium are two minerals that are vital to bone health and many other important bodily processes. The actions if calcium & magnesium are complemented by those of zinc, another vital mineral for promoting good health. Our supplement also contain vitamin D3 that support the proper functioning of the immune system, supports for bone health, and promote increased absorption of calcium. Calcium, magnesium & zinc + D3 are needed for:

· Bone Health *

· Healthy Teeth *

· Healthy Nervous System *

· Support Muscle Health *

· Support Cardiovascular System *

· Immune Support *

With each 3 tablet serving of our magnesium calcium zinc supplement, you receive an optimal dose of all three essential minerals in forms that were carefully selected because they are easy for the body to absorb. Every serving provides:

· 1000mg of calcium as calcium carbonate & calcium gluconate *

· 400mg of magnesium as magnesium oxide and magnesium gluconate *

· 25mg of zinc as zinc oxide & zinc citrate *

· Plus 600 IU of Vitamin D *

Simplify supplementation with a product that provides 3 essential minerals in one tablet !


With age, bone density naturally decreases due to changes in hormone levels in the body. Studies suggest that increasing the amount of calcium helps to support the production of new bone matter and promotes stronger, healthier bones.* Some research also indicates that magnesium and zinc assist with bone cell production. The three minerals are also essential to maintain strong, healthy teeth.*


Magnesium and calcium have both been proven to play a role in muscle contraction. Without an adequate supply of the minerals in the diet, muscles may not function properly. Zinc is required for cell division and protein synthesis, making it important for the development of new muscle mass.* For this reason, it is often recommended to athletes and fitness enthusiasts to increase their intake of calcium, magnesium, and zinc.*


Your nervous system is responsible for sending messages from your brain to the rest of your body and helps to drive everything from your heartbeat to the conscious actions that you complete during the day. Magnesium and calcium are both needed for the nervous system to convey signals properly, and zinc supports the development of nervous system cells.*