Amazing Formulas Calcium D Glucarate 500 Mg 120 Tablets



What is Calcium D-Glucarate? How does it work?

Calcium D-glucarate supplement combines the benefits of calcium with the benefits of glucaric acid, a chemical that is naturally produced in the body and found in a number of fruits and vegetables. Natural sources of glucaric acid include brussels sprouts, apples, oranges, broccoli, and cabbage. Calcium D-glucarate supplement may help to provide you with sufficient levels of glucaric acid, particularly if you aren’t getting enough in your diet. One of the reasons that calcium D-glucarate is so helpful as a supplement is that it may help to remove toxins from the body. As toxins are processed, they are conjugated into compounds called glucuronides, then passed through the liver and gut and excreted. However, high levels of an enzyme called beta-glucuronide can separate toxins and allow them to be reabsorbed into the body. Calcium D-glucaratemay help to reduce the effects of beta-glucuronide andhelp to keep toxins bound together so that enzymes can’t separate them. This may help your body to flush out more toxins, keeping your entire body healthier and lowering the risk of disease.

Calcium D-glucarate supplement may especially be helpful for people who consume large amounts of proteins. Protein and fat create byproducts like ammonia, which are processed by the kidney and liver. However, high levels of protein can make it harder for the liver to process all of the byproducts and toxins. Calcium D-glucarate may support the kidney and liver to ensure that all the toxins are properly processed and flushed out of your system.

The calcium D-glucarate supplement is also great for health because it mayprovide essential calcium. Calcium is essential to healthy bones and teeth; to keeps them strong. Calcium is also central to the proper functioning of the nerves, heart, and blood-clotting system.

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