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Amazing Formulas Colostrum

What is Colostrum?

Colostrum or first milk is a substance that a mother mammal secretes to her newborn to provide it with essential antibodies and nutrients immediately after birth. Studies suggest that cow colostrum may have a number of potential health benefits, not just for baby calves, but also for humans.
Bovine colostrum is shown to contain:
* Carbohydrates and healthy fats
* Essential vitamins and minerals
* Antibodies, immunoglobulins, and lactoferin
Colostrum milk from cows is recommended to:
* Athletes for supporting healthy weight management and muscle gain
* Support overall vitality and energy levels
* Supports the immune system's ability to fight germs
* Supports the proper functioning of the nervous system
* Promotes mood balance and overall well-being
If you're hoping to benefit from colostrum bovine extract, Amazing Formulas Colostrum Dietary Supplement is the colostrum supplement to choose. Our colostrum capsules contain pure colostrum with no artificial additives or preservatives of any kind. We use highly bioactive colostrum with 7 percent Immunoglobulin G, giving our colostrum capsules better immune support benefits. Plus, we produce our colostrum milk supplement only in the USA in accordance with strict quality controls to ensure purity and safety.
Reap the benefits of bovine colostrum with our highly bioactive, potent and pure colostrum supplement. Order your bottle of 100 colostrum capsules today!

California Proposition 65 WARNING:-

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