Amazing Formulas L Citrulline 750 Mg 180 Capsules



Amazing Formulas L Citrulline

L citrulline is an amino acid with an important job to do. Your body converts citrulline into l arginine, another amino acid that helps to increase nitric oxide levels in the blood.
Because of citrulline's effects on nitric oxide levels, the amino acid has a number of potential benefits, including:
- INCREASING ENDURANCE. Increasing nitric oxide levels may allow for more circulation to the muscle tissue, which can help athletes and fitness enthusiasts work out for longer with less risk of fatigue.
- PROMOTING HEART HEALTH. By enhancing circulation through elevated nitric oxide levels, l citrulline may promote heart health and overall circulation.
- SUPPORTING SEXUAL WELL-BEING. Citrulline has the potential to increase blood flow to every part of the body, including the sexual organs, which may provide reproductive health benefits.
- ASSISTING WITH POST WORKOUT RECOVERY. Citrulline may help to eliminate ammonia from the body after exercise to allow the recovery process to begin sooner.
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When L-Citrulline turns into L-arginine in the body, it causes the blood vessels to slightly widen. Because of this, blood flow is enhanced all across the body, which in turn supports a healthier heart.* This is good for those who have concerns over their heart and circulatory health, but it also makes it ideal for those who workout and need to keep their oxygen levels maintained. *


Because L-Citrulline boosts circulation, this means that you can boost your sexual health as well.* Increased blood flow to the reproductive system promotes sexual health in men and woman. Studies have shown that L-arginine may help male sexual performance more specifically.*


During intense exercise, the level of ammonia in the muscle tissue rises. This ammonia build-up may contribute to delayed onset muscle soreness after your workouts. * Research shows that having l-arginine in the body may help to clear out this build-up since it increases circulation. Because of this, fitness enthusiasts and athletes often use this substance as a post workout supplement. *

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