Amazing Formulas Lycopene 10 Mg 240 Softgels



Amazing Formulas Lycopene

Lycopene is a red pigment that is found naturally in many foods, including tomatoes and papayas. Studies have found that natural lycopene has a number of beneficial properties for the body. Lycopene extract is:

* Anti-inflammatory, meaning it reduces swelling and pain caused by the immune system in response to illness, injuries and chronic disease

* Antioxidant, meaning that it breaks down free radicals in ultraviolet energy and pollutants that can damage body organs and cause skin wrinkles

In clinical studies, lycopene has been shown to:

* Support heart health by assisting with cardiovascular function

* Provide lycopene prostate support for men

* Help the immune system function properly

* Assist with digestion

* Encourage healthy aging

* Promote eye health by nourishing the retina and lens of the eye

If your health care professional has recommended that you begin taking a lycopene supplement to reap these and other potential benefits, Amazing Nutrition Lycopene Dietary Supplement is the ideal supplement for your needs.

Our easy-to-swallow lycopene softgels provide 10mg dosage, which is the most frequently recommend dosage. Because we've optimized the dose of our 10 mg lycopene, you only need one softgel per day to meet your prostate health, immune support, heart health, eye health and anti-aging needs. Our supplement is a safe and of a high quality with no artificial additives or preservatives. It's also free of sodium to protect the heart, and it does not contain common allergens and digestive irritants.

Complete your diet with the best lycopene supplement for heart health, eye health, prostate health and more. Order Amazing Nutrition Lycopene Dietary Supplement and get 240 of our premium lycopene softgels.

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