Amazing Formulas PABA 500 Mg 100 Capsules



Amazing Formulas PABA

Found in select foods such as liver and eggs, while also being synthesized in the intestines, PABA, or Para-aminobenzoic, is an antioxidant that also doubles as a B Complex Vitamin.
PABA has been shown to offer a number of helpful benefits for your body in a number of ways. This includes:
- PRECURSOR TO FOLIC ACID PRODUCTION. Folic acid is an essential acid that plays an important role in the division of cells, a necessary process in any healthy bod
- ASSISTS IN THE PRODUCTION OF HEALTHY RED BLOOD CELLS. Not only does folic acid help cell division, it may also increase production of those all-important red blood cells.
- SUPPORTS ENERGY PRODUCTION. As it is also a B Complex Vitamin, those of which are known for their energizing effects, PABA may also help increase your energy levels to keep you going through the day.
PABA 500 milligram capsules provide the perfect amount of this antioxidant to help produce red blood cells along with folic acid so that you may help your body become healthier from the inside out.
Amazing Formulas PABA Dietary Supplement is the key to the production of these necessary compounds in the body. Order your own bottle to obtain the benefits of PABA now.

California Proposition 65 WARNING:-

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