Amazing Formulas Selenium 200 Mcg 240 Tablets



Amazing Formulas Selenium

Selenium is an essential mineral that the body requires for a number of vital processes. In the body, selenium mineral supplies play a role in:

* Defending the body from free radicals by acting as an antioxidant

* Promoting proper thyroid function

* Supporting the activities of the immune system

* Assisting with proper cardiovascular function

While deficiencies of selenium are uncommon, studies show that increasing one's daily supply of the mineral with a vitamin selenium supplement can provide a number of health benefits. As a result, people often use selenium dietary supplement to:

* Support healthy aging

* Improve the functioning of the immune system to keep the body healthy

* Address symptoms of joint pain due to inflammation

*Support Respiratory Health

* Keep the cardiovascular system healthy

If your doctor has recommended that you add a selenium supplement to your diet, Amazing Formulas is the product to choose because our product is:

* A POWERFUL FORM. Our selenium supplement contains selenium yeast, a form of natural selenium that has been shown in studies to be better at addressing many medical concerns than other types of selenium often used in selenium pills.

* FREE OF ADDITIVES & PRESERVATIVES. We don't add fillers, artificial flavors or sweeteners or chemical dyes to our products. Our supplement is also free of preservatives.

* VALUE PRICED. Get an 8 month supply of selenium 200mcg tablets for a great low price.

Increase your intake of selenium the simple way. Order Amazing Formulas Selenium today!

California Proposition 65 WARNING:-

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