Amazing Formula Calcium Citrate 1000 Mg 240 Tablets



Amazing Nutrition Calcium Citrate

Calcium is a mineral that is essential to health and that cannot be produced by the human body. The body requires calcium to:

Form & Maintain Healthy Bones and Teeth *
Build & Protect Nerve Cells *
Power Muscles, Including the Heart *

Science suggests that the body's need for calcium increases with age in order to maintain bone density and reduce the risk of bone loss or osteopenia. Getting an adequate supply of the mineral daily may help to decrease the likelihood of one day requiring treatment for weakening bones.  

If your health care professional has recommended that you take a calcium supplement, it's important to understand that not all calcium supplements are the same. In clinical studies, a form of calcium called calcium citrate has been shown to be more bioavailable than other forms commonly used in supplements. The higher bioavailability means that your body can more easily absorb and use calcium citrate capsules than other types of supplements.  

Amazing Formulas Calcium Citrate Dietary Supplement makes it easy for you to benefit from the highly bioavailable form of calcium. Our calcium citrate tablets are easy to swallow and made without unnecessary additives or fillers that can conflict with your lifestyle. Our calcium citrate 1000mg dosage is the dosage most frequently recommended by health care professionals. We make our calcium citrate without vitamin D to allow you to follow your health care professional's specific guidelines about whether or not to use a Vitamin D supplement with calcium.  

Ensure that you're getting enough calcium to keep your bones, teeth, nerves and muscles as healthy as can be. Order Amazing Formulas Calcium Citrate Dietary Supplement today and get 240 of our high-quality calcium citrate Tablets