Herbal Secrets Acai 600 Mg 120 Capsules




The acai berry is a tiny dark red fruit that is native to South Africa. For centuries, indigenous peoples have used the fruit as medicine, and today, modern medical science has discovered that these tiny berries provide the body with key nutrients like:

- Antioxidants like resveratrol and flavonoids, phytonutrients that supports healthy ageing

- Dietary fiber, which is needed by the body to support healthy digestion

- Anthocyanins, which support overall health & well-being

- Essential fatty acids, which support healthy skin, protect the blood vessels and help the brain function properly

Premium acai berry capsules like Herbal Secrets may help to:

- Disrupt oxidative stress to keep the body youthful

- Promote cardiovascular health

- Provide what is known as an acai berry cleanse to eliminate toxins and stored waste from the digestive system

- Support the metabolism to assist with weight loss


Whether you're looking to benefit from an acai berry detox, acai berry diet pills or an acai supplement to promote overall health, Herbal Secrets is the ideal formula to choose. Our acai berry cleanse and antioxidant supplement contains only pure acai berry with no additives, preservatives or hidden chemicals or stimulants. Just one of our easy-to swallow acai berry capsule per day provides 600 milligrams of potent acai.


Because of the potent source of antioxidants, the Herbal Secrets Acai Berry Natural Dietary Supplement may help detox your body. It does so by removing free radicals and toxins that damage your system by aiding in the fight that your immune system puts up every day. *


The antioxidants in the Herbal Secrets Acai Berry Dietary Supplement that fight off free radicals may also be able to slow down the aging process. * This means that cellular aging will happen more naturally, and your body may resist its effects on the skin such as wrinkles and fine lines. *


With all of the antioxidants in the Herbal Secrets Acai Berry Dietary Supplement also comes the benefit of a healthier cardiovascular system. * It may help by detoxing your blood of free radicals and impurities in order for your heart to pump healthier blood throughout your body to deliver even greater oxygenation. *