Sun Pure GABA 750 Mg 100 Veggie Capsules



Sun Pure GABA

Sun Pure GABA dietary supplement provides a potent dosage of 750 mg per vegetarian capsule. GABA works in our bodies in two ways – first, it works to regulate our muscle tone, and secondly, it works as a calming agent in our brain.

GABA has wide range of health benefits including:

GABA is an all-natural sleep aid that promotes calming and relaxing effect.

It may also help to improve mood, ease nervous tension, reduce stress and anxiety.

GABA supports healthy memory and cognitive functions, it helps to improved concentration and lower hyperactivity and impulsivity.

GABA may also increase exercise endurance, promote lean muscle growth and relieve dull pain.

It may be beneficial to relieve premenstrual syndrome, including bloating, cramps, headaches, and mood swings.


GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid) is an amino acid that occurs naturally in human brain and eyes, where it functions as an inhibitory neurotransmitter, which means it regulates brain and nerve cell activity by inhibiting the number of neurons firing in the brain. While most neurotransmitters, stimulate neuron firing, GABA may actually help to slows it down. For this reason, GABA is a popular ingredient that may help to lower anxiety and stress. GABA may help your brain activity from moving too quickly, a common experience for people who suffer from anxiety.


GABA is the primary inhibitory brain chemical that calms the mind and puts the brakes on brain activity when needed. If you are often overwhelmed and stressed out or when your brain gets stuck in the “on” position, you might be deficient in this important neurotransmitter 'GABA'.* GABA slows down neuron firing in the brain and is essential for feeling happy, calm and relaxed and to lower anxiety and stress. *


GABA works with your body’s natural processes to reduce stress and anxiety. * It may also help to ease dull muscle pains and promote relaxation, which in turn makes it easier for you to fall asleep and maintain a healthy sleep pattern. * You may experience more restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and energized the next day. * GABA promotes a healthy mix of brain chemicals linked to mood promoting positive mood. *


Using GABA along with Vitamin B6 may also affect glucose synthesis and utilization. * It causes the pancreas to secrete additional insulin, thereby increasing glucose absorption into the cells. * Higher insulin levels may result in an increase in athletic performance improving glucose utilization in the muscles. * When taken before workouts, GABA creates and maintained an anabolic state even after the workout had ended, improving lean muscle growth and recovery times between workouts. * Vitamin B6 is beneficial in boosting natural levels of energy. *

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